The Microgrids Group at Berkeley Lab studies customer adoption patterns of microgrid technologies. For an overview of our work, please download our one-pager. The slideshow below highlights some of our research areas and projects:


A decision-support tool for decentralized energy resources and microgrid.

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Distributed Energy Resources Web Optimization Service (WebOpt)

This is a free, non-commercial, limited web-accessible DER-CAM version and no GAMS is needed on your local system.

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WebOpt User Community Is Getting Bigger.

Join us and discover our new features for making the planning and operation of decentralized energy systems easier.

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WebOpt Video Tutorial

Come check our new tutorial that presents you WebOpt features.

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Santa Rita Jail Microgrid, Dublin, California

PV Solaria inside the fence at the Santa Rita Jail Microgrid

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Fort Hunter Liggett

Supervisory Controller for PV and Storage Microgrids

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Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicle To Grid And Building Integration Project

The Microgrids Group at the Berkeley Lab is partnering with Bosch and Akuacom in a V2G demonstration project at LAAFB.

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