Alexander Schuller

Alex received his Diploma in Industrial and Business Engineering (5 year degree) from the University of Karlsruhe (TH) (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in 2008. With majors in Physics and Energy Markets, his work first focused on distributed and intermittent resources in regional environments, i.e. Microgrids. In particular he established the collaboration between the Institute of Information Systems and Management (IISM) at Karlsruhe and the Microgrids and Grid Integration Group at LBNL. This work included an economic analysis employing DER-CAM in order to assess a possible installation of DERs on parts of the University campus in Karlsruhe.

After his Diploma thesis Alex continued as a research associate at KIT, further looking into the aggregated management of renewable generation in regional energy markets enabled by Smart Grid technology, in particular in the Smart Grid Demonstration Project MeRegio (Minimum Emissions Region).

He now predominantly works on the economic assessment of demand flexibility of electric vehicles with a focus on charging strategies to increase direct utilization of intermittent generation sources. Currently he is involved in addressing research questions assessing the demand flexibility and (short term) storage capacities of electric vehicles in the California Ancillary Service markets.