DER-CAM, a Recognized Engineering Standard for Microgrid Design

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The industrial and engineering communities have shown growing enthusiasm to use DER-CAM. For example General Electric (GE) and the Burns Group are our latest addition to our user community.

Burns Engineering and Construction uses DER-CAM for the Philadelphia Navy Yard microgrid project. The DER-CAM team has trained their staff and is currently providing a tailor-made support for their project.

To pursue this rewarding partnership with industrial partners, the DER-CAM team has created an industry advisory group with industrial users as GE, EPRI, and others. The purpose of this group is to give feedback on DER-CAM so that the DER-CAM team can keep providing new innovative solutions, which will match customer and user needs.

The Burns Group, Engineering and Construction joined the growing DER-CAM user group and will use DER-CAM in its work. See Our Partners page for all our project partners and licensees of DER-CAM.