Industrial/Ph.D. Course in Microgrids 31 November / 2 Oct 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Industrial/PhD course on Microgrids

31. November at 8:30 - 2. October at 16:30 at the Aalborg University, Denmark.

The course starts giving some examples of microgrid in the world. The course is mainly focused on single and three-phase voltage source inverters. The modeling and control of these power electronics converters is presented. Concepts like frequency and voltage droop control are explained in detail, as well as the virtual impedance concept. This course also introduces the study of the hierarchical control ofmicrogrids for DC and AC electrical systems. Secondary control issues are introduced to regulate frequency and amplitude voltage of the microgrid. Finally, tertiary control issues, synchronization and grid interactivity between the grid and the microgrid are analyzed.  Finally, the voltage unbalance and harmonic compensation by using decentralized controllers is presented.