The Microgrids/DER group at LBNL awarded new project with U.S. DoD.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Together with partners Bosch Software Innovations and Akuacom, the Microgrids/DER group has been awarded funding for FY 2012 as part of the Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (DOE ESTCP).

The project,"Optimal Scheduling of Air Force Demonstration Plug-in Electric Vehicles" will be sited at the Los Angeles Air Force Base.

This project will develop and apply a plug-in electric vehicle fleet management and optimization tool and implement the hardware needed for a DoD installation to conduct the complex task of managing an electrified fleet of non-tactical vehicles. The demonstration will enable DoD fleet managers to schedule charging and discharging of electric vehicles to take optimal economic advantage of demand response and ancillary services markets, while ensuring the vehicles operate in conjunction with other base electrical loads and generation resources to maintain energy security and a minimal carbon footprint at the installation.