New Features in WebOpt, the Web Optimization Engine of DER-CAM

User Manual - one of the latest features in WebOpt.
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
After adding a building load database for a wide variety of buildings and vintages in the US and a multi-design criteria optimization, we keep on developping for WebOpt new features to make the planning and operation of decentralized energy systems easier:
  • Advanced features helping you to better understand DER-CAM and its capabilities
  • Full Manual and Help which can be searched for specific topics
  • Solar profiles for almost 1500 locations in the US
  • Advanced user management allowing you to have a private user space on our DER-CAM server. No other user can interfere with your analysis.
This advanced user feature also allows you to transfer design results and data to your local system. However, this advanced user management needs to be requested from [email protected].
Please contact [email protected] for this private user space and an advanced user password.
Also, it is time to celebrate with us for having reached 550 WebOpt users from 35 countries.

What is WebOpt?

WebOpt is the web optimization engine of DER-CAM, the decision support tool for Decentralized Energy Systems
This web based service aims to provide buildings with basic guidance on whether distributed energy resources (DER) are of interest for the facilities. Following technologies can be considered in WebOpt: fuel cells, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, micro turbines, all with and without combined heat and power (CHP), PV, solar thermal, absorption chillers, heat pumps, electric, and heat storage.
WebOpt is entirely free for non-commercial usage and nothing has to be installed on your computer since it is an html tool. For a tutorial movie of WebOpt please click here
Please note, WebOpt is a simplified free version of DER-CAM and full DER-CAM capabilities, including a) microgrid capabilities, b) critical loads, c) microgrid design considering natural disasters, d) bio-fuels, e) sales to the utility, f) standby charges, g) stochastic capabilities, h) power flow consideration can be licensed from Berkeley Lab.
Please visit the How to Access DER-CAM page  for more information on DER-CAM, and how to access full versions for microgrid and DER Planning / Operation.
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to send an email to Michael Stadler, [email protected] .