New York Prize Stage 1 Winners – DER-CAM as the Microgrid Modeling Tool

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New York Prize is a first-in-the nation $40 million competition to help communities create microgrids ─ stand-alone energy systems that can operate independently in the event of a power outage, increasing the resiliency of the electric grid. Feasibility studies are the first step towards identifying the sites and resources appropriate to microgrid deployment. The DER-CAM microgrid modeling tool is ideally suited to do this by optimizing generation and customer loads.

NY Prize is a three-stage competition. During Stage 1, each competitively selected community received funding to conduct an engineering assessment evaluating the feasibility of installing and operating a community microgrid at a proposed site in New York State. Stage 2 is the Design Stage – NY Prize will award up to $1,000,000 in funding for approximately ten detailed designs. Stage 3 is the Project-Build Stage – NY Prize will award up to $7,000,000 per project for approximately five projects for build and construction. The DER-CAM microgrid model can be used by project proposers through the pre-engineering for the optimal solutions for these projects, thus offering continuity from the feasibility study through deployment.

In Stage 1 awards were made to 83 winners ─ $100,000 each for a microgrid feasibility study. These winning teams include Anbaric, Arup, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Burns Group, EPRI, GE Energy Consulting, Power Analytics, and Willdan Energy Solutions, all DER-CAM users.

New York Prize is a part of a statewide endeavor to modernize the electric grid in New York State, spurring innovation and community partnerships with utilities, local governments, and private sector, in order to reduce costs, promote clean energy, and build reliability and resiliency into the grid. LBNL is proud that the DER-CAM modeling tool will play a prominent role in its success.

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