OpenADR Enabled Distributed Energy Resource Optimization with DER-CAM.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DER-CAM, DRQAT, and openADR are now used in a closed-loop optimization setup to assess the effectiveness and feasibility for customer-side Distributed Energy Resource (DER) participation in Demand Response (DR) programs and grid transactions. We applied the integrated architecture and developed models to a real-world test site: Fort Hunter Liggett, an army base in California with various DER technologies. For this site we considered day-ahead DR market signals for peak-day pricing (PDP), critical-peak pricing (CPP), and real-time pricing (RTP). The tests and simulation runs were conducted to generate feedback for load flexibility, load profiles, and DR participation schedules, which both electricity service providers and customers can use for resiliency and reliability.

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