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Berkeley Gets Nod to Seek Community Microgrid Funding
Please read the full article at Microgrid Knowledge.
Two Open Positions to Fill
Currently we are looking for a Scientific Engineering Associate (Grid Integration Group) and a Postdoctoral Fellow (Grid Integration Group). Please view the full job descriptions below.
Two Open Positions to Fill
Currently we are looking for: Scientific Engineering Associate (Grid Integration Group)-81289
New Industrial DER-CAM Users
The industrial and engineering community shows growing interest in using DER-CAM. Most recently the following industrial entities have joined the DER CAM user community:
Microgrid at Berkeley Lab 1-Pager Now Available
A new one pager of microgrid research here at Berkeley Lab is available for download below.
OpenADR Enabled Distributed Energy Resource Optimization with DER-CAM.
Introducing First AC Power Flow and Microgrid Topology Into DER-CAM
Network constraints have been a major challenge for microgrid designers. Often neglected, network losses between buildings and voltage constraints should be considered to build a reliable microgrid.
DER-CAM, a Recognized Engineering Standard for Microgrid Design
The industrial and engineering communities have shown growing enthusiasm to use DER-CAM. For example General Electric (GE) and the Burns Group are our latest addition to our user community.
Follow DER-CAM Trainings for Microgrid Design
The DER-CAM team has been committed on helping users get the best out of DER-CAM and thus be at the cutting edge of microgrid design.
DER-CAM Training Sessions May 2015
The DER-CAM team has been committed on helping users get the best out of DER-CAM and thus be at the cutting edge of microgrid design. Berkeley Lab has been offering intensive training sessions and is welcoming users to join our classes.           


General Microgrid News

2014, a Turning Point for the Microgrid Industry
The microgrid industry has seen massive breakthroughs in 2014.
MICROGRID 2014 MVP Challenge
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced an unusual competition with $600,000 available to winners in 6 microgrid facility types. DOE seeks microgrids that have demonstrated their resiliency during a grid event.
Wall Street Firms Step Up Warnings About Distributed Energy’s Threat to Utilities
To learn more, please click here to read the Greentech Solar article.
Keeping the Lights on During Climate Change-fueled Storm
For the first time in New York State, the Public Service Commission, in charge of the regulation of state utilities, directly asked a utility (Con Edison) to implement a plan reinforcing the electric system from climate changes impact such as the rising
The Crucial Role of Microgrids in New-York State's Capacity Expansion Needs.
Staff report and proposals from the New York Department of Public Service emphasizes the role of microgrids in meeting the state's capacity expansion needs.
California Public Utilities Commission : Microgrids, a Regulatory Perspective
The California Public Utilities Commision has published its first official paper concerning microgrids and the regulatory framework surrounding it. If you want to learn more, the report is available here.
Fullbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Program (Microgrid*)
The Fullbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Program is will provide a platform for scholars from across
Charts: The Evolution of US Microgrid Adoption (Microgrid*)
GreenTech Media illustrates with an upcoming report from GTM Research the prominence of microgrids in the grid modernization.
EES-UETP Course on "Microgrids - the Building Block of a Smarter Grid" (06/02/2014-06/04/2014)
An EES-UETP course on “Microgrids – the building block of a smarter grid” will take place from 2nd to 4th June 2014 at INESC Porto buildings and labs -  Campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Porto, Portug
Islands of Light (Microgrid*)
Rural electrification is a crucial global issue. Thanks to microgrids, it is now possible to help villages far from the main electricity grid. The challenge is to bring clean power to these rural households.