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Fort Hunter Liggett Microgrid Conversion
Yesterday, Michael Stadler and Gregory Vallery presented the status of the Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) microgrid conversion at the Military and Government Microgrids Summit in Arlington, District of Columbia.
DER-CAM User Training this Week
DER-CAM for the California Distribution Resources Plan
Following the institution of the Public Utilities Code Section 769, introducing the requirement for electrical corporations in California to file distribution resources plan proposals, two public workshops were organized by the California Public Utiliti
New Graphical User Interface for DER-CAM Tutorial Movie #1
DER-CAM Tutorial Movie Available
This is the first movie of a full serious explaining DER-CAM and how to use it in detail. The movies will specifically focus on the new DER-CAM web-interface allowing microgrid modelling. This first movie gives a 5 min overview about DER-CAM.
Microgrid Version of Distributed Energy Resource Software Is Now Available
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has released DER-CAM 4.1.3, the latest version of the Distributed Energy Resources – Customer Adoption Model (DER-CAM).
University of California, San Diego and Brookhaven National Laboratory Are New Partners
The University of California, San Diego and Brookhaven National Laboratory joined the growing DER-CAM user group and will use DER-CAM in their research and industry consultations.
A Complete Overview of DER-CAM
Michael Stadler has presented DER-CAM and its latest features at the USAID in Washington D.C. 
New Features in WebOpt, the Web Optimization Engine of DER-CAM
Berkeley Lab Announces Collaboration With MIT and IIT Comillas.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and IIT Comillas from Spain have just signed a collaboration license with Berkeley Lab to work on DER-CAM.


General Microgrid News

Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force Established in Maryland (Microgrid*)
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announced on February 25, 2014 the creation of the Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force.
The Place of Microgrids in Our Energy Future (Microgrid*)
"Everyone agrees that distributed energy is changing the electric grid, but whether microgrids and distributed energy fundamentally reshape the energy system is still up for grabs."
Microgrids: The next logical step for the military (Microgrid*)
Microgrids having proven their reliability, their deployment has been booming for the past years. This applies in particular to the military: Stuart McCafferty in explains us why this is the right energy solution for the army.
EBay, Ellison Embrace Microgrids to Peril of Utilities (Microgrid*)
Microgrids have become a serious threat to utility monopoly. An increased number of companies and individuals are opting for microgrid deployment. Among them are famous names such as EBay Inc. and Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp. CEO.
Which Financial Model to Accelerate the Growth of Microgrid ? (Microgrid*)
As the growth in solar was deeply rooted with the choice of a good financial model (solar lease), microgrids need to find a business model which will attract customers and communities.
The Stakes of Microgrids Deployment in India (Microgrid*)
David Ferris, reporter for EnergyWire, presents in the article below from Yale Environment 360 the stakes that Indian microgrid structures are facing.
Sandy Success Stories (Microgrid*)
Good news about the performance of microgrids in the northeast U.S. during Superstorm Sandy continue to emerge.
Four New Large-scale Solar Power Plants Open for Arizona (Microgrid*)
Arizona's national solar energy leadership is growing stronger in December with four new large-scale solar photovoltaic plants beginning production for APS, the company announced Thursday.
Dawn of Microgrids (Microgrid*)
"Before there was the grid, there was the microgrid.
UConn microgrid to open in fall (Microgrid*)
Microgrid at UConn's Depot campus in Mansfield is on schedule to be operational in fall after receiving $2.1 million in funding.