Collaboration with China Energy Group on Energy System Planning and Grid Integration

The microgrid team is working with the China Energy Group to stimulate adoption of microgrids in China's fast growing economy by offering a combination of technical and policy assistance to various Chinese partners. Numerous WebOpt trainings have been completed, and China now has the second largest number of WebOpt users, after the U.S. Current work is intended to extend use of DER-CAM in its more complex forms for microgrid design and operation. The team also advises Chinese groups and officials on microgrid research and policies.

At the end of 2010, China's National Development and Reform Commission mandated that utilities develop efficiency programs as well as load management systems, and that annual electricity savings and demand savings reach at least 0.3% of the previous year's sale volume and peak load. Distributed energy has been highlighted at the national level in the 12th Five Year Plan and the energy development plan outlined by the State Council. The National Energy Administration is planning 30 microgrid demonstrations as outlined in the renewable energy development plan. The first sites will be chosen this year, and projects commence next year. The microgrid team is collaborating with the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is charged with technical supervision of these demonstrations.

Onsite generation also plays an important role in the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE) program, so the microgrid team is working with partner Tianjin University to apply DER-CAM both for the design and the operation of Chinese buildings. The team is directly participating in two Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) demonstration building projects, in Zhuhai and Wuhan.

Microgrids also play a role in the joint research effort by the Berkeley Lab and the Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (Shenzhen IBR). The two teams are working together to extend DER-CAM's capabilities for aiding the design and operation of community-scale energy systems.

More information on the collaboration with China Energy Group on Energy System Planning & Grid Integration can be found on the China Energy Group Website.


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