Data Driven Approach for Monitoring and Control of Distribution System Assets in Microgrids Using micro-PMU Technology


Funding: US Department of Energy

This project will develop controls which utilize micro-PMU measurements in microgids. The team extends this project to integrate the devices at key locations and utilize the data to influence the controls design. Micro-PMUs have been successfully deployed in 20+ locations through the ARPA-E project micro synchrophasors for distribution systems. Based upon the lessons learned in this project, the deployment of micro-PMUs at the Navy yard microgrid will allow the controller development and data analytics to be based upon real system conditions.

LBNL will guide the micro-PMU deployment, sourcing of the devices from PSL, and guide the installation in collaboration with CIEE. The team will utilize the data gathered to develop further the microgrid control and analyze relevant grid conditions and anomalies to better synchronize and desynchronize the microgrid, and also control the internal components with higher speed datasets and to withstand greater variations in bulk power reliability.

The project provides four micro-PMUs for installation at Philadelphia Navy Yard microgrid. The micro-PMUs are installed on either primary voltages up to 480V, or on the low site of instrumentation transformers. The preferred method of data collection initially would be to integrate with the micro-PMU data server at PSL. We work with Alstom and CIEE to determine best practice methods for integrating micro-PMUs into proprietary controller applications.


Alstom Grid

The Burns Group

California Institute of Energy and Environment

Philadelphia Water Department

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)