Dynamic Control Project

Dynamic Control Project


The “Dynamic Control” project is supported by the US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, and an expansion of an ongoing project at Fort Hunter Liggett (link here) supported by California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The “Dynamic Control” project provides a development pathway to implementing full microgrid controllers at multiple test sites and making the Berkeley Lab technology widely available through demonstration and commercialization efforts.

Dynamic Control Project 

Funding: US Department of Defense

The goal of this project is to build an Advanced Energy Storage Management and Control system (AESMC) to be deployed at Fort Hunter Liggett. The AESMC system integrates the existing batteries, storage inverters, PV inverters, and system operator stations through an intelligent control system to maximize the economic benefits, minimize carbon footprint, and support net zero energy status at Fort Hunter Liggett. This system will be designed as a scalable and expandable system that can support different modes of operation and pave the way for full islanded microgrid operation in later stages of our work. The system will incorporate a predictive controller based on Operations DER-CAM from Berkeley Lab as the intelligent optimization layer.

The AESMC system will have the following capabilities and characteristics:

  • Multiple operational modes: “manual”, “time based auto”, and “intelligent auto”, and the ability to transition between the modes.
  • An intelligent auto mode that includes functionalities like renewable energy time shifting, peak load shaving, and curtailment.
  • Ability to monitor the status of the system, including batteries, and other auxiliary equipment; ability to take corrective action in the event of a malfunction.
  • Scalability and expandability to support islanded microgrid operation in the future.


  • Fort Hunter Liggett
  • Tri-Technic Inc. (TTI)
  • Microgrid Labs