Energy Storage Enabled Transportable Microgrid

Energy Storage Enabled Transportable Microgrid

This project has an overall objective to demonstrate an innovative transportable microgrid (TMG) with energy storage technologies to improve energy security at DoD military installations. The microgrid can be transported to military bases affected by outages. The TMG will effectively dampen power fluctuations from on-site photovoltaic units and reduce emissions from on-site diesel/other generation units. A Tesla 500 kW-4 hour energy storage subsystem and a 200 KVA synchronous condenser subsystem will be added to the TMG, which will provide inertia that will enable the transportable microgrid to be deployed in a wide variety of DoD bases that have a wide range of real/reactive power characteristics.

The TMG project will obtain the necessary credible capital cost reductions, operating cost, real-world test data, safety features, reliability data, economic benefit data, and a tractable technology transfer plan that shows that the TMG can be commercialized in a timely and cost-effective manner via a collaboration between the US DoD and US research institutes, electric utility industry, and engineering companies.

The TMG will use LBNL’s optimization engine DER-CAM together with Schweitzer technology and can easily be set for a wide variety of applications at DoD sites.


PNAVFAC EXWC Port Hueneme Naval Base

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory

Tesla Energy

Distributed Utility Associates

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory