Fort Hunter Liggett - Supervisory Controller for PV and Storage Microgrids

Fort Liggett Li-ion Energy Storage System
Senior Researcher Nicholas DeForest at Fort Hunter Liggett
Battery Energy Storage System

This project is intended to demonstrate the use of day-ahead optimization and real-time control to plan and implement charging/discharging schedules for a system comprised of a 2 MW photovoltaic generation and 1 MWh electric storage, located at Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) in Monterey County, California. FHL is currently implementing a commercial scale electric storage project with the following objectives:

On the short term:

  1. Energy shifting: surplus energy from PV during times of light load stored for later use
  2. Demand charge management: stored energy used to reduce peak demand and reduce cost from tariff demand charges
  3. Reduce impact on utility grid by managing FHL demand, battery charging and discharging

On the long term:

  1. Islanded operation: electric storage system used to support PV integration during islanded operation and mitigate harmful impact on the utility grid
  2. Add other technologies, including OpenADR to create a full functional microgrid with diverse energy resources
  3. Deploy the system at other bases in California and increase the PV penetration

In order to successfully achieve these objectives, the FHL system requires a high level supervisory controller to support, schedule and control the PV-storage resource. No such proven flexible and open controller exists currently. Thus, Tri-Technic, the contractor installing the system for the Army, approached the Microgrids Team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) due to its expertise in controlling distributed energy resources and microgrids.

The project tasks will consist of the development of a software platform to optimize and control the resources, creation of interfaces to collect data and communicate instructions to the building SCADA and deployment of a server and system integration at FHL to fulfill the short-term objectives of FHL.