How to Access DER-CAM

Currently, there are two major branches of DER-CAM:

  • Investment and Planning: determines optimal equipment combination and operation based on historic load data, weather, and tariffs.
  • Operations: determines optimal week-ahead scheduling for installed equipment and forecasted loads and weather, tariffs. Due to the complexity of different optimization goals not all features are bundled in one of the two major branch versions and different versions within a branch exist.

The following options for using DER-CAM and its different branches exist:

1. Full DER-CAM Web-Optimization Service

    • Full microgrid capabilities.
    • This version has been designed for researchers and experienced users who need sophisticated and detailed microgrid analyses.
    • No DER-CAM code will be exchanged.
    • Please register here. If you have troubles registering, please contact Michael Stadler.
    • Tutorial movies of this web-accessible DER-CAM can be found on this page.

    2. Distributed Energy Resources Web Optimization Service (WebOpt)

      • WebOpt has been designed for quick assessments (e.g. multi-objective frontiers) and is very user friendly.
      • This version does not provide all DER-CAM features. If you need all features, please consider using the full DER-CAM web-optimization service.
      • Please sign up here for a login for WebOpt. Please note that the WebOpt service is only for non-commercial usage and does not provide microgrid capabilities.
      • A WebOpt tutorial movie can be found on this page.