How to Access DER-CAM

Register for DER-CAM using our new form, to receive an email that has a download link for the desktop interface and credentials for the web interface.


Accessing DER-CAM can be done using either of its public facing interfaces:

  1. DER-CAM Web Interface
    • Primarily for testing, evaluation, and educational purposes.
    • All DER-CAM projects created are visible to all users.
    • No DER-CAM source code will be exchanged.
  2. DER-CAM Desktop Interface (PC only)
    • Enables the full use of DER-CAM capabilities (DER-CAM+).
    • All projects are saved on a local PC and sent to LBNL servers for execution.
    • Internet connectivity is required.
    • Full microgrid capabilities including optimal power flow and locational analysis.
    • This version has been designed for researchers and experienced users who need sophisticated and detailed microgrid analyses.
    • No DER-CAM source code will be exchanged.
    • More information on DER-CAM+ can be found at