Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicle to Grid and Building Integration Project

Architecture of the L.A. Air Force Base Project

The Microgrids Group at the Berkeley Lab is partnering with Bosch and Akuacom in a Vehicle to Grid (V2G) demonstration project at the Los Angeles Air Force Base (L.A. AFB.).

Among the planned demonstrations, a 40-vehicle 100% plug-in electrical vehicle (PEV) pilot test fleet will be deployed at L.A. AFB. Procurement of the fleet, charging stations and other infrastructure, as well as basic logistics, will be provided by the DoD.

Several key additional capabilities will be added by this project to demonstrate the full capabilities and requirements of cost effective all-electric fleets:

  • The PEVs will be given additional fleet management capabilities.
  • Optimization of scheduling charging and discharging such that energy costs are minimized and the benefits from participation in grid demand response and ancillary services (DR+AS) markets are all jointly considered and the best overall bids submitted and scheduling implemented.
  • Receipt and fast response to grid instructions as well as settlement of revenues from grid service provision will be enabled through use of the OpenADR protocol.
  • Integration of PEVs into the wider base energy system and analysis of their potential role in base microgrids, which bridges this project to another key DoD security objective.