Siting Distributed Generation to Defer T&D Expansion

TitleSiting Distributed Generation to Defer T&D Expansion
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsRichard E Brown, Jiuping Pan, Xiaoming Feng, Krassimir Koutlev
Conference NameTransmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, 2001 IEEE/PES
Date Published10/2001
Conference LocationAtlanta, GA
ISBN Number0-7803-7285-9
Keywordsdeferred investments, der, distributed generation, successive elimination algorithm, t&d, T&D expansion planning

Distributed generation (DG) offers anattractive alternative to T&D expansion. Instead of expanding existing substations, building new transmission lines, and building new substations, DG can be used to accommodate new load growth and provide relief for overloaded components. Additional attractive features include: low capital cost, low fuel cost, low O&M cost, modularity, ease in siting and short lead times. This paper presents a successive elimination algorithm capable of identifying the number, size and location of distributed generators needed to optimally defer T&D expansion. This algorithm is applied to a utility test system and results are discussed.