Évora 2012 Symposium on Microgrids

The Évora 2012 Symposium on Microgrids took place in Évora, Portugal, Monday & Tuesday, 3 & 4 September 2012.

The purpose of the symposium is to exchange information internationally on the current state of research on microgrids and to identify key technical, economic, and policy issues that should be addressed by future work. More specifically, the goal for the Évora 2012 Symposium on Microgrids is to continue the examination of recent results from microgrid research and demonstrations in progress and to identify areas of potential international cooperation.

The final agenda and presentations (in 3 zip files, based on author last name) for the Symposium can be found in the attachment below.


A Sustainable Campus with PEVs and Microgrids
K. Nandha Kumar, B. Sivaneasan, P.L. So, H.B. Gooi, Nilesh Jadhav, Reshma Singh, Chris Marnay
Assessment of Multi-building Microgrids' Potential in the Portuguese Urban Context
Goncalo Mendes, Paulo Ferrao, Michael Stadler, Chris Marnay, Christos Ioakimidis
Benefits of using an optimized scheduling service to operate a building with thermal storage and solar-assisted HVAC
Hans Barsun, Prajesh Battacharya, Richard Burnett, Nicholas DeForest, Andrea Mammoli, Chris Marnay and Michael Stadler
DC Microgrid at Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
Fengyan Zhang
Demand side management using a battery-equipped quick charger for electric vehicles
Toyonari Shimakage, Kojiro Nishioka, Takaaki Kikuchi, Masashi Baba and Hiroshi Yamane
Demonstration PV rural micro grid in the island of Santo Antão(Cape Verde, Africa) with an individual energy daily allowance (EDA)
AXavier Vallve
Development and Demonstrations of Microgrid Energy Management Solutions in Korea
Y.H. Shin, J.M. Sohn, T.K. Kim, J.S. Shim
Development of a transimission/distribution integrated analysis hybrid algorithm for a system operation platform considering distributed generation
C.S. Song, J.H. Han, B.Y. Shin, J. Seo, G. Jang, B.N. Ha, M.J. Jang, W Nam Koong
Development of load scheduling application for peak shaving of electricity demand in an industrial customer having a distributed generator
Shigeru Bando, Takayuki Higo, Hiroshi Asano, Kei Furukawa, Motoyuki Asada, Shigeo Numata
Energy Storage System Control for Enhancing Stability in a Diesel and Wind-Turbine Based Stand-alone Microgrid
Jin-Hong Jeon, Chul-Sang Hwang, Gyeoung-Hoon Kim, Jang-Mok Kim, Jong-Bo Ahn, Heung-Geun Kim
International Microgrid Assessment: Governance, Incentives, and Experience (IMAGINE)
Nan Zhou, John Romankiewicz, Min Qu, Chris Marnay
Introduction to POSCO ICT Smart Renewable Test Site at Jeju Smart Grid Test-bedPreliminary Operation Results of Experimental Power Grid Facility
Seaseung Oh, Suyong Chae, Yujin Song, Heetae Lee, Hyoung-min Cho
Networked Control Architectures for Intelligent Energy MicroGrids - iMGLab Project
Josep M. Guerrero and Juan C. Vasquez
Operation of Grid-Connected Microgrid on KEPCO Test-bed
Dong-Jun Won
Operation of KEPCO Microgrid with Actual Load
Jung-Sung Park, Hak-Ju Lee, Woo-Kyu Chae, Jaeho Choi
Optimising Energy System in Smart City Sibiu / Romania
Stelian Alexandru Gal
Preliminary Operation Results of Experimental Power Grid Facility
Inam Nutkani, Yu Xiao Xiao, Gao Zhiyong, Alex Chong, Ashwin M Khambadkone
Real Time Reconfiguration and Multi-Level Control for Microgrid
Anurag K Srivastava, Ramon Zamora, and Farshid Shariztzadeh
Reliability Quantification and Visualization for Optimal Asset Dispatch in Electric Grids
Mayank Panwar, Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Daniel Zimmerle
Research and Practice of Designing Hydro/Photovoltaic Hybrid Power System in Microgrid: Chinese Yushu Case
Xu Honghua and Wang Yibo
Sample Implementation of Adaptive Protection for Low Voltage Microgrid
Alexandre Oudalov, Luca Milani, Enrico Ragaini, Antonio Fidigatti
Smart Grids with Electric Vehicles
J. Pecas Lopes, M. Matos, C. Moreira, M. da Rosa, F. J. Soares, P. Ribeiro, L. Seca, D. Issicaba, P. Rocha Almeida, R. Ferreira, R. J. Rei, L. Bremermann, C. Pinho, D. Rua, J. Ruela