Santiago 2013 Symposium on Microgrids

The Santiago 2013 Symposium on Microgrids took place in Santiago, Chile (9-12 September 2013).

The purpose of the symposium is to exchange information internationally on the current state of research on microgrids and to identify key technical, economic, and policy issues that should be addressed by future work.

The final agenda and presentations (in 3 zip files, based on author last name) for the Symposium can be found in the attachment below.


A Multi-Agent Approach to Demand Response and Storage
Suryanarayana Doolla
IIT Bombay
Antarctica Power Project
Sebastian Falkenberg
Battery Model for Microgrid Studies
Antonio Sarasua
National University of San Juan, Argentina
China's Microgrid Demonstration Program
Honghua Xu
Chinese Academy of Science
CNR-ITAE Microgrid Research
Vincenzo Antonucci
Compensation for PV and Wind Fluctuations
Ryoichi Hara
Hokkaido University
Construction Modes for Remote Microgrids
Weiguo He
State Grid EPRI
DC/DC Converter for DC Distribution and DC Microgrids
Yusuke Hayashi
Osaka University
Dong'Ao Island Microgrid
Duo Luo
XingYe Solar
Energy Systems Integration Facility
Jim Cale
Holistic Energy Management for Urban Microgrids
Bobby Sagoo
Homeostatic Control of Microgrids
Franco Fernando Yanine
Catholic University of Chile
LA Air Force Base V2G Pilot Project
Chris Marnay
Berkeley Lab
Latest Results from the New Mexico Project
Kenichi Suzuki
Microgrid Adaption Scenarios
Gonçalo Mendes
Instituto Superior Tecnico
Microgrid Applications in the Indonesian Telecom Sector
Pekik Argo Dahono
Bandung Institute of Technology
Microgrid Opportunities within Spain's Smart Grid Initiatives
Angel Diaz
Microgrid Research and Business Development in Korea
Sung-Wook Hwang
Microgrid Research Lessons for Future Smart Grids
Olimpo Anaya-Lara
Strathclyde University
New Technologies for Microgrid Protection
Alexandre Oudalov
Optimal Sizing of Distributed Generation in Microgrids
Changhong Deng
Wuhan University
Overview of European Smartgrids Initiatives
Nikos Hatziargyriou
ETP on Smartgrids
Remote Microgrids in Canada
Claudio Canizares
University of Waterloo
Renewable Energies for Remote Areas and Islands
Xavier Vallve
Trama TecnoAmbiental
SILICE: A Colombian Smart Microgrid Pilot
Nicanor Quijano
University of the Andes, Colombia
Status of Microgrid R&D in Canada
Lisa Dignard-Bailey
Natural Resources Canada
Survey of Microgrid R&D in Latin America
Guillermo Jimenez
University of Chile
The WSU Microgrid
Anurag Srivastava
Washington State University
Tianjin University Microgrid Lab
Chengshang Wang
Tianjin University
U.S. Smart Grid Program
Jim Reilly
Reilly Associates